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Behind the scenes video of the nautical photo-shoot in studio by Ben Garrett

11/17/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

© Ben Garrett
We stuck with the nautical theme to really drive the point that these guys are “your anchor in the uncertain sea of web design.”

Luckily, we did the shoot during the first cold front of the year. We didn’t have to fake being freezing cold while dumping buckets of water (mixed with laundry detergent) on the guys. It turned out great though. You can see the chill in their skin tone, which would be pretty realistic had we shot this on a ship off of the coast Alaska. I used lights with a really short flash duration to freeze the water without much blur. We also shot it all on a gray backdrop in my backyard and photoshopped the sky and mountains in. This saved Brad from flying all of us to the Pacific Northwest.
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