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How to make a projector from a shoebox, magnifying glass and a phone

11/28/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 6 Comments

A chip DIY component for your next photoshoot, cheap and easy to do.
Recently I’ve been investigating how to make a projector from a shoebox, magnifying glass and a phone. I ran a little tester workshop with my friends. 

They had fun and hopefully learnt an interesting snippet of knowledge to pass on to others.

Big thanks to Jayde Perkin, Dave McMillan, Zoe L’Estrange, Luke Frisby and Nathan Cleary for taking part.


Unknown said...

awsome video made by you guys !!!!!

Unknown said...

awsome vedio made by you guys !!!!

kiev want some diy projector said...

why mine is not working?

Unknown said...

I would really like to know how to make a projector for projecting say a landscape onto a piece of white paper or canvas for drawing or painting, can anyone help please ?

Here's a tip; Go to a auto wrecking yard; Old buses had aisle lights with magnifying lens in the walkways; Get one; Take the light also; Then make a wooden box or use shoe box; Use the steps above as shown; Works Excellent; Or: Use a Mirror in box to reflect an image through lens on wall or stand; Most old buses had the magnifiers in the door way entrance / exits; and above passengers heads aka; reading lights; Look for buses pre- 1960's they are filled with these magnifiers or just buy a magnifying glass; I preferred the bus magnifiers as they come with a casing and light; Hope it works for you;

Unknown said...

What is size of magniying lens