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Let there be light: An introduction to long exposure night photography via Kamil Tamiola

11/03/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Long exposure night photography plays an essential role in our portfolio. Motivated by the success of numerous photographs from Chamonix, but also very positive feedback and clear demand for "how was it made" type of material, we have decided to put together "Let there be light". 

We have attempted to create a comprehensive micro-documentary, aimed at enthusiasts of outdoor photography who are taking their initial steps with this fantastic technique.

We will very soon release a print-friendly version of our settings list on so you can always having at hand.

It is probably a cold and starry night above Mont Blanc right now ... On the photograph the Mont Blanc du Tacul with light trails of climbers venturing up the snowy north face of this magnificent mountain. Have a lovely night adventurers ;)

Deep, blue and cold. The frightening experience of climbing inside an ice cave on the north face of alpine summit at 3800 m above sea level is very difficult to describe in words. Especially in summer, when all the glacial ice melts making the place for completely new formations. You need to stay focused, pay attention to every single move and commit yourself entirely to this climb. The reward?! An amazing experience of climbing something pure and truly unique. Why would I risk climbing it? Because, I love climbing!
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Video via Kamil Tamiola: Professional Adventure Photographer and Storyteller. Still and Motion Picture from remote locations. Officially sponsored RAB climbing photographer