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Face à Face: Atmosphere only with natural light and a steadycam

12/01/2012 Matt 0 Comments

I do things in the spur of the moment… I keep an eye to what I find cinematic in real life.. with real people and no lighting equipment. It’s run and gun shooting.

Adaptation and attitude is key to get the best shot in the worst circumstances. I use a Canon 5D M2 with a series of lenses, and a blackbird steadycam.

Normally we do not publish short films, but when Marco explained that only used natural light and a steadycam impressed us.. Then do not doubt.

About Marco:

Aslan belongs to a multi-cultural background in which traveling has been a re-occurrent pattern throughout his life. He has lived in Switzerland, Uruguay, Brazil, and the U.S, and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Deeply passionate, Aslan finds fulfillment through his work as a filmmaker.

Thanks Marco.