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Indoor martial arts photography with water and high-speed flash sync (Part II/II)

12/25/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Va Photography  had an opportunity to film and produce a Behind the Scenes video for Clifton Li Photography for a Martial Arts themed shoot. The whole idea of Martial Artists performing stances and moves with water comes from Clifton's childhood idolization of Hong Kong Martial Arts cinema and using water to highlight power and finesse of these artists.

Clifton collaborated with Team 2X to execute a series of ideas and shots. The next challenge is to provide the technical ability to freeze motion of the water, that's where Clifton's Broncolor Scoros came into play. Firing up to 3200w/s power and the ability to fire as fast as 1/8000th of a second, the Scoro system brings Clifton's ideas to life. 
“The main purpose of this series is to capture the graceful and dynamic movements of the Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu incorporates qualities such as flexibility, internal and external strength, speed, stamina, balance and coordination. With the use of water, a multi-faceted element, these qualities can be illustrated. Water enhances the demonstration of the momentums and power of the martial art moves as well as the internal strength of the fighters.”  - saids Clifton Li


Based in Toronto, award winning photographer Clifton Li creates innovative and cutting edge imagery to satisfy the imagination of commercial and editorial clients. As a photographer, Clifton opts for visual simplicity and controlled expressiveness to achieve maximum visual impact. Clifton produces his own brand of aesthetic excellence using his understanding of the foundations of the image, composition, surrounding environment, and the most effective lighting for the setup. He pushes the image even further by provoking emotion through mood and storytelling.

Clifton Li has won the Applied Arts and Capic Rodeo awards three years running, in addition to awards from the Hasselblad Masters, Px3 Competition, and IPA – International Photography Awards.

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