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"Angel": The making of the favorite photo of my career by wedding photographer by Jerry Ghionis.

1/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

I have been photographing professionally for over 20 years and specialize in wedding, portrait, fashion and boudoir photography.

If you were to ask me today (January 2013) what my own favorite photograph is, I would tell you that it is was the image featured in this video. It represents everything I love in a photograph: beauty, symmetry, strong composition, rich tones, beautiful lighting, symbolism, etc. 

Image by Jerry Ghionis via Twitter

This image was created at a real wedding, the wedding of John and Monika in December 2011. The image is a metaphor of an angel sleeping on a cloud at the pearly gates. There are strong symbols and triangles that are recognizable and consciously or sub consciously pleasing to the eye, namely the omega sign and the keyhole shape. 

When you have been shooting for as long as I have, you sometimes wonder if your best shots are behind you. This photo reminds me that the elusive iconic "wow" photo that all photographers strive for is worth fighting for. 

My best photo is in my future, but for now this will do.


Camera: Nikon D3
Lens: 14-24mm f2.8
Focal Length: 14mm
Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f3.5
ISO: 640
White Balance: Daylight
Light Source: Window and Ambient Light


Widely regarded as one of the top five best wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis is based in Melbourne, Australia and Beverly Hills, California and travels frequently on international photography assignments and speaking engagements. With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion. Renowned for his creativity, he not only has the ability to capture the natural magic on your wedding day but he creates magic of his own. His natural love and empathy for people creates powerful visual story telling.

Jerry was named in the first ever list of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo magazine. He won the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Wedding Album of the Year for eight times among his long list of accolades and WPPI included Jerry in their Top Five Wedding Photographers in the World. Jerry was also named as the 2011 Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). For four years in a row Jerry has achieved the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Diamond Level Photographer of the Year Award. In 2011 Jerry was named by PDN magazine as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world.

More inspiration;


The complete video of this wedding will be featured in upcoming chapters of my educational web site, the Ice Society.


Jerry use a D3s :) Nice location, btw!

Unknown said...

Oh my! This is amazing! Excellent work!

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