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Behind the scenes of Jameson Photoshoot by The Master of Liquids Martin Wonnacott

1/02/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A year ago Profoto wrote a post with an interview with the master of liquids photography Martin Wonnacott, now he has shared a BTS video about his shoot  for Jameson Irish Whiskey, the results amazing.
About the equipment,  Martin Wonnacott used a SINAR P3 and Profoto lights

Ligth setup via Profoto blog

“Lighting is everything. And for me, it’s about keeping it simple. It’s about stripping it back and not use too much light. It might sound crazy, but it’s necessary to find a balance and not overcomplicate things.” saids Martin ( via Profoto)

The minimal-style portfolio of british photographer Martin Wonnacott contains some very remarkable works including fine drinks and food photography, take a look here:

One tip: use fake ice to this kind of photography.