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The longest indoor continuously drawn piece of light painting by Michael Bosanko

1/02/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Back in October 2012, with the help of Caters News, we secured a hangar in Coventry. The aim was to create what we believed to be the longest indoor continuously drawn piece of light art, with aim on quantity of light-drawn pieces, volume, and to use the camera for as long as exposure to achieve this.

 I left the camera to expose for over an hour. It took two attempts to achieve my goal. Completed in Coventry, UK....

What Caters say... - This is the incredible and spooky picture of the worlds largest piece of light art. Welshman Michael Bosanko created the Halloween themed masterpiece by using only coloured lights and a one hour long exposure.

Michael completed the mammoth task in an old hanger based at Coventry airport, where he filled the 35,000 square foot hanger with his unique light art creation.

 "I am immensely pleased with how the image came out, especially as it was only a second attempt at creating such an ambitious piece, lots could have gone so terribly wrong. -

About photographer:

Michael Bosanko is a light graffiti artist from the sleepy town of Caerphilly in Wales. The 41 year old uses long exposure and neon lights to create these stunning works of art. Michael started producing graffiti in 2009 during his trip to Greece after he accidentally knocked a tripod over during a photo of a landscape.

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Hi there. Thanks for sharing this; much appreciated. Just a quick note; I started indulging in light art in 2004, and I have been charging too many batteries ever since :-D
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