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Breaking Glass: From moving stills to a spectacular video using high-speed photography by Ben McDade

1/15/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Ben McDade Photography made an impressive shoot with Broncolor Scoro "S" from moving stills to a spectacular video!


Working in the photographic industry since 1997. Mainly involved in fashion I started out as an assistant and worked with some of the biggest photographers in the world. Nick Knight, Albert Watson and Juergen Teller to name just a few.

In 2002 I started shooting and had work regularly published in I.D , GQ and Arena Magazines and in 2004 I was approached along with 3 other people to create Big Sky London, a large photographic studio in Kings Cross. I was in charge of all recruitment, training and marketing where I was able to attract the world biggest photographers shooting the most prestigious advertising campaigns.

After 4 years of helping to establish Big Sky, I decided that the time was right and left my position as a Director to re-establish myself as a photographer. Currently based in Shoreditch , working with various editorial and advertising clients as well as consulting for a Photo location studio. 

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