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How to Build the RotoRig: Camera Jib and Shoulder Rig in ONE!

1/25/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

RotoRig, its a camera jib and shoulder rig in one! Ultra portable, weighs between 4 to 5 lbs and will cost approximately $50 to build.

Drill Hole Diagram Download:

Tools Needed:

Strong Scissors, Needle nose pliers, Regular plies or channel locks, Phillips screw driver, Drill, 1/4 inch Drill bit, Smaller pilot drill bit, Larger Drill bit to remove burs, Electrical tape, Something to mark drill points with, and Eye and glove protection when drilling.

Parts: (The x before the number represents that many packages of said item)
1. Monopods - Targus Digital TG-MP6710 67-Inch x2 or almost any monopds = $19.98

2. Flower Box Metal Wall Bracket (2-Pack) (Homedepot sku 277-870) x1 = $4.96

3. Small Designer Shelf Brackets (Menards Black sku 211-3630 single x2) or (homedepot White 2 pack sku 222-484 x1) = approx. $7

4. Ground clamps (Homedepot sku 621-708) x7 = $11

5. 1/4" nylon washers 4 pack (Homedepot sku 595-058) x4 = $2.56

6. 1/4"-20 1" Round head Phillps bolts (Menards sku 233-8686) x3 = $2.46

7. 12 lock nuts (Menards sku 232-9734) x1 = $.89

8. 2 fender washers (Menards sku 201-1194) x1 = $.49

9. 6 pack 1/4" wing nuts (Menards sku 233-9148) x1 = $.89

10. 1 inch x 6 ft pipe foam (homedepot sku 419-949) x1 = $1.28

11. Scrap material (I used neoprene from beer cooler)

12. Rubber non slip material (I used a scrap non-slip rubber dish mat)

If you saw something in the video I forgot to list let me know!


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Chad said...

Hey, thanks for the write-up guys! I did update the drill diagram so be sure to use this link instead: Thanks and take care!

Chad Bredahl