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How to light family pictures at a wedding by Fstoppers

1/21/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Everybody know Fstoppers, maybe the most inspirational website about BTS videos. Now they have prepared a brand new DVD about wedding photography.

Patrick Hall is a Charleston Wedding Photographer based in South Carolina. Lee Morris is also a commercial wedding photographer based out of Charleston South Carolina.
 Our goal with this tutorial isn’t to make everyone a millionaire or turn you into some sort of rockstar wedding photographer. Lee and I aren’t either of those things. What we want to teach you is how you can take better photographs, start your own business, and hopefully shave off at least three years of trial and error during those initial startup years.  Via

This video is a preview of what you can found if you buy it:

 8 Chapters containing over 27 topics over more than 14 hours of content:

Chapter 1
Intro – What is “Commercial Wedding Photography” – Mandatory Gear – The Importance of Assisting – Composition, Exposure, White Balance
Chapter 2
Advertising – Bridal Portraits: Lighting 101 – Pricing
Chapter 3
Meeting With Potential Clients -The Engagement Session – Designing Your Website – Music – Slideshows – The Importance of Video
Chapter 4
On Camera Flash – Getting Ready and Details – The Ceremony – Fusion
Chapter 5
Formals and Groups – Interview with Pye Jirsa
Chapter 6
Four Ways to Light a Reception – The Cake – The Rings – The Departure – Taxes, Write-offs, and Accounting
Chapter 7
Interview with Cliff Mautner, one of the top wedding photographers in the world
Chapter 8
Post Processing – Creating a Photobooth – Photo / Video Slideshow, – Delivering Your Final Product – Final Words

More information: