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Chef Conceptual Photo Shoot BTS by Manchul Kim

4/01/2013 Matt 1 Comments

Chef portrait!

I was try to make some different looks! So kept think about she’s personality.

Cute, scamp, cool joke…I was worry about my idea cause most professional worker want to have general look or edge look of portrait.

But She was really like my idea

So shooting was no problems at all.

I spent really great, funny times during photo shoot.
of course she served great food too.

Thanks for tibi-studio too.


Photographer : Manchul Kim
Assistant : Inhang Sun
Chef : Yunmee Shin
Location : Tibi-Studio
Music By : Rock and Roll Radio – You Never Know

More inspiration:

Thanks Manchul


Unknown said...

This photo makes me hungry, even though I just had dinner. Great !!