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"Ice Nights Project": F-stop Staff Pro Ray Demski takes us behind the scenes on his night time ice climb shoot

4/02/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Just before we light up the ice for Ice Nights.


The photo above is German Staff Pro, Ray Demski’s f-stop Kenti and PhaseONE setup. Pictured above is a 645 DF+ body with IQ80 back and attached AF 80 f/2.8, as well as a collection of spare batteries, CF cards, and small collection of Schneider/PhaseONE leaf shutter lenses.( via )


Via facebook
Born in a small town in the mountains of western Canada, Ray spent much of his formative years sailing around the world. At the age of 15 he moved with his family onto a 45 foot sail boat with nobody having any clue whatsoever about sailing.

During the 7 year voyage Ray discovered his passion for photography. Forty countries and a lot of learning later he started a new adventure into being a photographer.

A life long athlete himself and action addict, Ray focuses on Action, adventure, sports and dance photography. He finds beauty and power in the human form, working with athletes and dancers to produce world class imagery.

Ray is currently based in Munich, Germany.


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