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Refractographs: An Awesome Lightpainting Tutorial by Rob Turney

4/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This tutorial guides you through the process to create Refractographs and shows you the process I use to create these abstract photographs. Refractographs are caustic patterns produced as light reflects and refracts through an object.

About photographer

I am a freelance Photographer and Film Maker based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have a passion for Landscape, Timelapse and Light Painting Photography.

In recent I have been doing a lot of video work and really enjoy capturing and telling those great stories that our out there.

I have also been known to enjoy the occasional Wedding and Portrait shoot.

Text and video via Rob Turney

Check out for some examples of my refractographs.

Note: There is little to no post production on the images and they are all images of real light and not computer generated.

Thanks Lauri!!!