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Time for Good Light - How to position your light? Michael's take on lighting setups

4/03/2013 Matt 3 Comments

Photographers who have a solid system for positioning their photographic lights get results much faster than the ones who do trial and error. In issue 04 of Good Light! Magazine we feature an article for those who want to “create” good light rather than depending on “finding” it. Would you like to have a look at the video from this article?

In the video old cousin Michael explains his system for positioning lights around a subject.

© Michael Zelbel
Michael is bathing the model Pia Passion in good light using two brand new Mitros TTL Speedlights. These flashguns seriously rock! So it nearly breaks our heart that we are giving them away among the people commenting below the video. But hey, you deserve them! Are you shooting Canon, Nikon or Sony? Then you are going to love these fully featured Speedlights, which support the TTL functionality of your system. Shooting another brand? You will still be able to incorporate the lights as manual slaves in your setups.

Text, images and video via : The Photography Magazine For Your iPad

Thanks Michael for sharing and congratulations for your magazine.


Is the contest here or on his site?

On his site

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Hello Bruno! You can enter the contest here:

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