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Discover how Sean Kennedy Santos —on his own—brought Larrikin movie to life with the Nikon 1 V1 by Nikon USA

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You don’t meet someone like Joey every day. Even in New York City where ‘characters’ are part of the landscape, he is one of a kind. He is a larrikin! Joey is a professional driver, a philanthropist and a storyteller.

Since age three he dreamed of driving movie stars – James Cagney was his hero – and now he has a who’s who of high profile people on his roster. But they are more like family than clients. Joey is unconcerned about convention, he has no fear of wealth or power or homelessness. He controls the journey, the music, the menu. He goes to the limit for his clients, and his clients love him. But the stories he tells, have you ever heard such stories…? ( Text via )

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On Larrikin, Sean Kennedy Santos was a one-man-show of sorts—director, producer, cinematographer, grip, sound guy, and oh, yeah, he was the one carrying all the gear around. Camera choice was paramount and Santos saw a world of opportunity in the Nikon 1 V1 advanced camera with interchangeable lenses.

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"This [film] would have been impossible to do with conventional movie cameras without adding crew, equipment and production costs" saids Sean Kennedy Santos

The small size of the camera was a huge advantage, as it was used in a Steadicam rig or most often mounted to cars as they were driven through the city streets. Santos says the key to his success was the Nikon 1 V1's diverse functionality. Interchangeable lenses, including the ability to use his favorite F mount NIKKOR lenses with the FT-1 Mount adapter, which incidentally increased the focal length by a factor of 2.7; the fast NIKKOR lenses gave Santos the beautiful shallow depth of field—cinematic look he was after with stunning color, contrast and depth. Other features included the long lasting battery power; and HDMI out port which allowed for a monitor to be connected to the V1 for real-time viewing of footage. ( Text via )

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