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"BOOTS": Making of original British Army recruitment campaign from the POV of an army boot

6/01/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The latest spot for The Army from JWT and HLA Director Simon Ratigan takes a new look at the life of a soldier. Shot from the POV of an army boot, the viewer is taken on a journey from the barracks, into a war zone and through the realities of life as a soldier. 

The spot, shot entirely on a Canon 5D, is part of a recruitment campaign from The Army airing across the UK.

Finish Colourist, Paul Harrison comments ‘Simon Ratigan wanted to show the transformation from a civilian in training shoes to a highly trained soldier in the British Army, but telling the story via the journey made by a pair of soldiers boots. The grade had to feel real, gritty and capture the mood of the variety of scenarios that an army soldier’s training involves, from climbing the snowy mountains of Wales to flying across deserts or having a game of soccer with the locals. Ultimately culminating in passing out as a fully fledged soldier in the British Army.’


Via and ARMYjobs