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A month with the MŌVI: Alex Buono explains his experience using the MōVI

7/15/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Alex explains:

To me, the MōVI is not so different and point is, $15k doesn’t seem unreasonable given what this rig is capable of doing. I’ve heard chatter that the MōVI is just like any other RC-helicopter rig; that anyone could build their own “MōVI rig” for a tenth of the price. This guy built a stabilized rig for $500…Right on! I think that’s awesome. There are lower-priced versions of Steadicams and Technocranes, too. Glidecams and Fig-Rigs are great tools for the price, but the truth is, I’m still hiring Steadicam operators when I need a high-end shot executed.

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