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Interview with Fashion Photographer Anton Oparin revealing the secrets about how to start shooting Supermodels and Fashion Shows

7/14/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How Fashion Week Gets Photographed?

"For the past twenty years, fashion photography and video has not only been my specialization but also my love. Many photographers dream of having the contacts and opportunities that I have. When I started fashion photography over 2 decades ago, I dreamed of one day shooting for Victoria Secret and famous fashion designers. Today, I am living that dream. I presently shoot for an overwhelming amount of upscale fashion designers and prestigious magazines ... " explains Anton

"If you lucky you can get him to shoot with you, because he is actually "living in the plane" between NY, Miami, LA, London, Milan, Paris and Moscow." - Harper's Bazaar editor

Keep an eye on his FashionStock Channel - they have huge archive of fashion runway videos from past 17 years around the world.

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