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Kevin Meredith aka Lomokev: Brighton Lomo-LCA street photographer

7/24/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Kev calls himself Lomokev after the Lomo camera, just one of the huge collection of cameras he shoots with. His style is all about capturing cool moments as they happen, so he never leaves home without his iPhone to shoot on.

We hung out with him in Brighton to find out more about how he works. 

About Kevin Meredith aka lomokev

I am not what most people would consider to be an average photographer. Armed with a selection of compact film cameras, I never leave home without one and I am always ready to capture anything that happens around me. I always have on going projects which I am always adding whether it be my photographs of Brighton swimming club, montage portraits or Festival Wellies.
Lomokev's website: