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Sometimes things don't always go to plan! Karl Taylor Iceland Fashion Shoot

7/24/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

As many of you are aware, we recently visited Iceland to shoot our new Fashion & Landscape Photography course (Coming out October 2013). What an adventure! Iceland's scenery was absolutely stunning and the trip quickly became a photography adventure of EPIC proportions.

Most of the photography on this trip was using portable studio flash . I just decided to quick grab this shot with natural light while we were on our way to another location. Explains Karl

You might have browsed some of the results on our Facebook page - - the results speak for themselves.

© Karl Taylor via Facebook
Here's another shot from Iceland, this one is from the Highlands just before they become 4x4 only roads. We were out looking for landscapes and this location looked good for a quick natural light fashion shot. Our lovely model Santa quickly braved the ice cold wind again. We lost a big silver reflector in the wind on this shot, I'll show you the very funny video clip of that next week. Saids Karl

Both fashion photography and filming was frequently challenging for all the team. Here's a short clip when things don't quite go to plan... Enjoy!


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