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The Light Blaster: A revolutionary speedlight projector for $100 with Benjamin Von Wong via DIY Photography

7/10/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

World Renowned Photographer Benjamin Von Wong takes the Blaster™ for a spin. Now the final images:

Impressive results with a inexpensive projector, no?

But, what is the Light Blaster?

Light Blaster is a unique light modifier that enables you to project an image/slide onto a subject or a background! Imagine that, the ability to create a new world at the click of a shutter!

And who is behind this amazing project? Our friends from DIY Photography

The Blaster has a a specific groove for good ol' 35mm framed slides, but it can also accept unframed slides (or negatives) and home printed transparencies cut to specific sizes (you can download a template on the site), and pre-printed transparencies. This opens up a pretty wide veraity of creative applications, from using old slides as backdrops, to projecting spesific images on models and objects.

More info or you wanna buy one only for $99

Here is the DIY Photography post:
Here is the product site:

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