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Annie Leibovitz x Stella Artois: Behind the Scenes for Mother London

7/11/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

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What do Stella Artois and Annie Leibovitz have in common? A reputation for creating beautiful things, to name one. So early this year, we teamed up with the legendary photographer to create Timeless Beauty: a photographic pursuit of beauty, sophistication and craftsmanship. And we’re quite pleased with the results, if we do say so. Explore behind-the-scenes videos and photos, uncover exclusive content, and immerse yourself in Timeless Beauty now.  ( Click here

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Unknown said...

Amusing - Even though Stella try their best to aim for a classy image - in the Uk it's anything but. Often called "wife beater"!
Mainly due to strength I think.
So watching this all I could think of was "But she's got a glass of Stella in her hand!"