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"Beyond the Covers": Hennessy pays tribute to hip-hop with photographer Jonathan Mannion

8/07/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

For the first time in France, the monographic exhibition entitled "Jonathan Mannion: Beyond The Covers" will bring together at Quais Hennessy, in Cognac, 50 shots.

The Ohio native arrived in New York in the early 90s and his goal was to photograph the key players on the American hip hop scene: "My goal was to photograph all of the up-and-coming rap superstars of the time. No one had ever done it before", he explains about his artistic approach.
20 years later, Jonathan Mannion has met and photographed artists who are icons of their generation, those who have left a mark on the history of the most important musical trend since Rock & Roll. The work of Jonathan Mannion has largely contributed to defining the aesthetics of the genre. Through his unique encounters, he has captured the development of hip hop culture, initially confidential and "underground", which has since then become a global phenomenon.

Over the last twenty years, he has been creating album covers for the most prestigious rap artists. For this exhibition, Quais Hennessy has asked him to explore his archives beyond his most famous works to present a collection of personal photos illustrating the close ties he has developed with the biggest artists in hip hop and urban culture. Jonathan Mannion's photographs celebrate the art of portrait-taking and place the relationship between the artist and his model at the heart of its creation. "My work is very intimate. Through my photos, I want people to feel like they are sharing a genuine moment in the lives of the international superstars I shoot".

Via Hennessy