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The secret of an amazing portrait: It's all about the Squinch! via Peter Hurley

11/20/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

Want to look more photogenic every time you step in front of a camera? 

The reputed portrait photographer Peter Hurley explains the secret behind his portraits. It is not only about light, it is the Squinch.

One more time Peter surprises me with something simple  but really important: Portrait has to talk you and your eyes are the secret. Check out this major tip that will make you do just that. Let´s Squinch!

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Anonymous said...

Now they look like serial killers

Praddy said...

Nice tip, I would also like to add a suggestion here that whenever possible try your right side as it is mostly found that right side work quite well :)

Martin said...

Great tip! I guess I will have to try something like this next time someone take a picture of me.