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Super Chromatic: Sexy beauty lighting created by hand with light painting from Patrick Rochon

11/19/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Always with her finger on the pulse of cutting-edge techniques to push the limits of her medium of choice - haute coiffure – Véronique Beaupré, co-owner of Montréal’s local B salon, recently teamed up with photographer and light painting master, Patrick Rochon, to create photos that brilliantly showcased their respective talents.

The result is Super Chromatic, a collection of photographs inspired by haute coiffure that features light painting technique to create unparalleled plays on volume, colour and light. An increasingly popular medium, light painting is on its way to becoming a recognized art form thanks to masters such as Patrick Rochon.

Light Painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source with a slow shutter speed in a dark environment. The resulting image reveals an expression of the light source and the traces it leaves behind from direct exposure of the sensor on the light source and from the illuminated subject.

The Super Chromatic collection came about from a case of love at first sight. “Geneviève Borne is the reason why this project came to light,” explains Véronique Beaupré, a master stylist interested in all forms of emerging art. “She introduced us and when I saw Patrick’s work, it was love at first sight. I knew right away that we had to work together. I dreamed of creating a hair and makeup collection infused with this incredible photographic lighting technique that would become an integral part of the overall looks.”

As for Patrick Rochon, it didn’t take long for Véronique Beaupré’s engaging personality and her artistic intensity to win him over.

“Véronique is attracted to people who, like her, want to explore the outer reaches of their artistic medium,” adds Patrick Rochon, a member of the Light Painting World Alliance. “We did some tests, exchanged ideas and when the time came, brought together a team to take the shots.”
The dynamic duo of Véronique Beaupré and Patrick Rochon sought to create futuristic images that  portrayed a universe of strong women who needn’t sacrifice their femininity to maintain control of their talents. To design the shoot, they called upon Rosalie Lemay, a fashion designer specializing in latex, an ideal material for light painting given its reflective properties and capacity to showcase the body’s natural curves.

Inspired by comic book heroes and science fiction, the looks feature a particular retro-futuristic flair.

Makeup doesn’t think twice about breaking the rules, focussing on saturated and contrasting pigments. As for hair, styles play largely with textures: sometimes super smooth and lustrous, thanks to Pureology’s Radiance Amplifier and Laque Couture from Kérastase, sometimes texturized and wavy, a result of Pureology’s Sea-Kissed Texturizer and GEEwig™ extenstions from Gaël Betts.

Used sometimes as a backdrop, sometimes as an accessory, light was a key creative element. “Light is ephemeral, which made the whole process incredibly exhilarating,” underlines Véronique Beaupré. “You can never make the same photo twice.” The result, which is nothing less than extraordinary, relied solely on light painting technique- none of the photos were edited in any way. “Véronique Beaupré’s incredible energy and creativity really inspired me,” concludes Patrick Rochon.

About Patrick Rochon

Considered a master light painter, Patrick Rochon has pushed the boundaries of photographic innovation to create his own unique style. His work is regarded as intense, visionary and highly creative. He specializes in light painting with human subjects for portraits, fashion shoots or nudes, as well as in abstract light painting, entitled the light painting kata.

Having collaborated with major brands such as Red Bull and Toyota, he was the first foreigner to win first prize in Japan’s prestigious Nikkor contest. In 2011, he signed the Light Painting Manifesto. For Patrick Rochon, the idea behind his art is to spontaneously create, or rather allow, an ideal and magical moment to occur.

He believes that our bodies emit light and that light painting is an expression of our true selves. Patick Rochon was invited to present a TED conference on light painting this past October 16, 2013.

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