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Gina Silva interviews photojournalist David Honl, the man behind a successful range of flash modifiers

12/03/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments



K Brown said...

While Honl has taken some very nice pics in many locations over the years, no question, his continued intent to be seen as a "war photographer" is quite misleading. Honl prefers to skirt the hot spots, always working from the peripheries most true war photographers jump into with both feet. A careful review of Honl's work will show him posing with fixers, drivers and the requisite "bodyguard" needed to appear for Honl in danger.
Sadly, his work is little more than adventurous holiday snaps.
Watch video of Natchtwey, Gilbertson and Hetherington to name a few if you want to see a war photographer at work.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Been following him for awhile now and his statements/ actions never really lead to much. Where are ANY images of the refugees? He was there a month ago! A lot of talk but nothing really tangible. Seems to be a constant theme with Honl.