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2 fashion photographers 2 beauty retouching styles: Jeff Rojas (USA) vs. Dave Kai-Piper (UK)

1/06/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

What have an American photographer and English photographer in common? Both are fashion photographers and both retouch their final images.

Two styles to show a final vision, two ways to understand a beauty image. Jeff Rojas from U.S.A vs. Dave Kai-Piper from U.K

About Jeff Rojas |

Jeff Rojas is a Photographer, Director and Small Business Owner, based in New York City. After a stint working in Corporate America, Jeff decided to trade in his suit and pursue photography as a viable career choice. Since then, photography has allowed him to travel the country and the world. Jeff spent the better part of his first year as a photographer relentlessly seeking new experiences and honing his skill set. It's through those experiences that he has come to love teaching others to effectively pursue their own dreams and aspirations as photographers. "Stay Focused, Stay Passionate, and Challenge Yourself."

About  Dave Kai-Piper |

Living in the United Kingdom and working internationally, Dave Kai Piper enjoys shooting a range of art-based portraiture and commercial work as well as teaching, conducting mentor programs and contributing to a number of photography magazines.
Although he received the second place award in the (Digital Photographer) 2011 Photographer of the Year competition for monochrome photography, Dave has a special affinity for the use of colour.
He understands the role of the photographer, as defined by people like Sir Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton and Tim Walker.


Dave explains:

From Lightroom to Photoshop and back again, this is another DKP, whirlwind screen capture of a beauty edit using the colour lookup mode to finish an image.

I used the high frequency separation method to smooth the skin and add some areas of sharpness, followed by a couple of layers in softlight mode to contour and shape the skin. Darker areas added to enhance the lighting.

full edit took 32min in realtime.

Model - Amelia Raven (Alan Sharman Agency)
MakeUp - Laurie Wright

125th / f10 / 200iso
Shot on a Fuji X-Pro with a single light source from a 400w nano head using a 35 inch square softbox.

Jeff gives some information about this photoshoot:

Here's something I've been wanting to do for a long time. A High Speed Beauty Retouch. I'll be slowing this down soon to demo retouching with, but I wanted to share a quick sneak peak of the edit meanwhile. A big thank you to Shelly Lynn for letting me photograph her.

SIGMA 24-70mm 2.8

1,200W/s SENSO A2 PACK

What do you think? Do you prefer american or british style? We like both. :D


Love both.

Would be really interesting to find retouchers on the 5 continents, provide them with exact the same image and see the end results.

I am sure the world has such differences it would be really inspiring to see the editing process, techniques, and final product.

Unknown said...

I would be more than happy to take part !!


Unknown said...

So nice and graceful...the ultimate beauty is here indeed.