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Behind the scenes video of Morvelo shoot: Cool sport photography in small places by Pete Webb

1/22/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Usually we have the honor to cooperate with one of my favorite photographers specialized in sports photography, the acclaimed Pete Webb. Today we introduce a new behind the scenes where we can learn with Pete how important it is to be creative to get striking photographs more than the equipment that you use. A great leason "Make it simple".

© Pete Webb

Pete explains more about this photoshoot:

Last week I returned to the Dark Star brewery with cyclist Jo Burt to create stills of a previously shot video. You can see all the stills and videos here. This behind the scenes is a little insight into what we got up to shooting on two locations in one day and producing ten still images for their current season.

For the photogs, Jo was lit in both shoots with a pair of Bowens 500 monoblocs bare bulb on minimum power and the fill came from a Canon speedlite next to me with a diffuser cap fired into the roof by PocketWizard TT5 radio triggers. Not much room for anything else.
© Pete Webb

NOTE: Maybe one of our best behind the scenes videos of all times is " wet ©strobist " or how to use waterproof speedlight with pocketwizard, a classic post where Pete wrote about this technique. WATCH IT HERE

One more time Pete, thanks for you time and for sharing all this information with our readers.

Pete has an amazing blog about sport photography, don´t loose the opportunity to learn more with him. Visit his  BLOG  or  WEBSITE


Pete Webb said...

It's just hard to keep me out of the brewery! Thanks again Dark Star.