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Get the best shots on your upcoming wedding: The Epic Battle Photographers vs. Videographers 2014

1/04/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments

Another year shares the classic Battle of the 'Ographers'. Whoever you're, Photographer or Videographer, everybody is welcome and learn everything you need to get the best shots on your upcoming wedding.  

Even in this video they feature Lindsay Adler as instructor.
Destruction of "video"ographers

 Get your best weapon video/camera, best lenses, speedlight or lights and do not let them invade your´s a joke....?

Everybody has bad days

Filmed at After Dark Education in Tucson, AZ. Visit site 

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Anonymous said...

really bad! but the part with the light sabers at the end was funny.

It is the same again...but

Anonymous said...

What an amazing waste of time that was.
A bad high school video is preferable to this thing.