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´PURSUIT`: Tell a story to make your photos more interesting by Yannick Wolff

1/27/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend Yannick Wolff, a german based photographer and regular contributor with his fantastic work, presents his new project.
Tell a story to make your photos more interesting
© Yannick Wolff Photography
Yannick explains this project:

´PURSUIT`is my recent fashion story with the amazing male model Niels Verlemann from East West Models.

We shot in a very modern, architecturally outstanding location in Darmstadt, Germany. 1 1/2 month of preparation.

Finally finished this story with a fantastic team in a perfect harmony between model, hair/makeup stylist, assistant and myself.


Photographer: Yannick Wolff (
Model: Niels Verlemann (East West Models)
Hair/MakeUp: Kerstin Hocke (
Assistant/Video: Kai-Philipp Nosper

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