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Gretzky Boys: A new version of the Paulina Gretzky's controversial Golf Digest cover by Cy Cyr

4/07/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Cy Cyr is an Orlando photographer specializing in commercial and editorial portraits. He has assisted some amazing photographers throughout his career such as Sports Illustrated legend Walter Iooss, Robert Seale and Martin Schoeller.


Cy explains the story behind this picture:

Photographer Walter Iooss is my photography idol. His recent Paulina Gretzky golf cover sparked nationwide interest in Golf Digest this week. And well… I have a sense of humor and called a few friends.

Cy’d like to thank to The Gretzky Boys:

“Big Joe” Ellicott, an Orlando sports radio host and owner of Uncle Joe’s Coin shop in Orlando. You can listen to Joe every morning on the CBS 810 APP! Follow him on Twitter!

Casey Bourque, my buddy since the age of 5, when we played hockey together in Biddeford, Maine. He played in the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock. Oh, and he won the Maine Amateur in 1995. Follow him on Twitter.

Jesse Dunbar, an Orlando realtor that dropped by before his men’s hockey game. Follow him on Twitter.

Jeff Cyr, my brother. He’s a flight instructor and will get plucked up by the airlines within the next year… unless they see this. This is not his flight uniform. He’s not on Twitter or Facebook.

Federico. I don’t know him. He’s a ninja.

Ernie Fairles, originally from Canada, and a golf instructor. Ernie plays the drums and enjoys showing his fiancé jiu jitsu moves.

Bill Canavan, my neighbor and second father. He served our country and has installed conveyor systems around the world.

Mike Wieland, who works for a golf company in town.

Hey Paulina, DJ and Mr. Gretzky, need a fourth?

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Follow him on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. Cy Cyr photographs a lot of golf.