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Guy Sebastian captures the humanity of homelessness in LA

4/11/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

"I try to photograph humanity, powerful images that reflect the stories in people's faces."

This is what matters to Guy Sebastian. Pick up your camera and shine a light on what matters!

Guy Sebastian is passionate about how photography can bring understanding and change our perceptions of people.

For his Canon Shine image, Guy drove through Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles to capture the humanity behind homelessness.

"The toughest thing about these portraits is that I don't want to illustrate doom and gloom, or someone that is down and out. I want someone to look at these faces and wonder -- not judge. It's important."

Guy meets three of LA's street people, and celebrates their character through three portrait photographs -- their creativity, smile and majesty - regardless of whether they have a roof over their head.

"People like that make my day. Meeting people and hearing their stories, looking at their faces, a shot like that can show so much without having to ask. There is always that one picture you get excited about."

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