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Crossfit gym: Explore the creative process to capture one memorable picture by Corey Rich

5/13/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Creating a great picture goes beyond the nuts and bolts of using your equipment. It really is all about approaching situations with an open mind, and working those situations so that each frame gets better and better.

In this Tech Tip, photographer and director Corey Rich (website), brings you inside a Crossfit gym and explores the creative process he used to capture one memorable picture. Working with heavy duty lighting, everything from Nikon SB-910 Speelights to 1x1 LitePanels to even a smoke machine, Rich explains how to be open-minded, opportunistic and let the scene evolve.

This video will inspire you to start thinking more creatively, and work the process so that you end up with something striking, memorable and unique.

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