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Bizarre AfrikaBurn photos come to life!

6/01/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

These photographs puzzles the eye of the beholder with their life-like movements. They come as a testament to new avenues within digital, that bridges the gap between video and still imagery. We call it: Motion Photography.

"The Tankwa desert in the Northern Cape (South Africa) is a desolate, windswept Martian wasteland of brittle scrub, metallic rock and dust. But for one week in late autumn each year, a glorious out-of-season spring occurs, transforming the landscape into a mirage of shifting shapes, colours and sounds." - Layla Leiman,

This video is brought to you by Photographer Lukas Renlund (website) , sure you remember his Steal My Photograph! Project  & Not So Fast | Media.

Please read his profile description HERE on Vimeo to learn more about their passion for Motion Photography.

Text and video via and images by Lukas Renlund