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UPDATE: OneLight Workshop V 2.0. A review of new Zack Arias´ educational project

6/09/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

UPDATE: After some readers asking which is better, I want to explain that  OneLight Workshop V 2.0 it is not a new version of OneLight, for me it is the second part of this video, a complement.

If you are a beginner photographer or you are full time photographer but you do not feel  confortable with speedlights you HAVE to buy OneLight V.1. This new video it is an evolution, I grow up as photographer and I wanna learn more.

In this second version, you have the opportunity to watch a live-recorded demostration of how a full time photographer with 10 years of experience works in real life with real projects and this is incredible for this price. And not only this, Zack explains you why he does everything. How you can take pictures only with one light, without an assistant and get great portraits. Do you need more?

If you have V.1 it is a good idea to buy this V.2. If you do not have version one, both.

When I received a copy of OneLight V 2.0, my first question was:

Who I am to write a review about new Zack Arias´ educational project? Have I enough experience to evaluate him?

Honestly I think I have not it. My idea is simple, to tell you if to spend your money in this video is a smart investment. If you are going to learn something different with this new version.

Do you have OneLight V.1? No? Let´s it now. It is not only a funny video, you will learn a lot about lighting. I did it.

Every summer I have a little ritual, I watch again the same educational videos ( David Hobby, Zack Arias and my favourite Dean Collins) cause every year I grow up as photographer and I remember or learn something new with them.

Then, Could you buy OneLight V.2?

I have 9 or 10 videos of Joe McNally ( with Kelby Training) and all his books, it is always the same photographer but I always learn something new because Joe is in different locations, with different situations, with different subjects and problems..

The most important is to learn how an experienced photographer founds solutions in real life and with OneLight V 2.0 you get it. In this case, Zack shoots on three different locations with only one light.....and the results are awesome!!!.

You are not buying only a Behind-the-scenes video, you buy 7 hours of more than 10 years of experience.

For me and thanks to Zack I have learnt a lot, but a simple tip that now I use in every portrait picture, it  saves me a lot of time in post production. And you know...time is money.

$70 well spend. Remember buy books/videos, no equipment.

I am not the only one that think the same, Seshu ( from ) wrote a similar ( more extensive and detailed) post HERE

A little secret....if you watch it you will meet to 50” "Big Mamma" next investment ( Damn  G.A.S )

Get more information and buy it  HERE 

P.E: At the same time I bought the Zack´s book " Photography Q & A" and it is not a joke, maybe is one of the best books about photography that I have. And sure the best to understand this industry. #musthave


Unknown said...

Whilst you're right in this short review, I think if you already have v1 you don't need v2 IMHO. I'd goes as far as saying that whilst the production values are superior in v2, I actually prefer v1 for content and filming values.

Again, just my opinion.