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Firelight Photography: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich

7/07/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This Tech Tip takes us to the great outdoors and places us right in front of the ol' "hippie television," aka, the campfire. Low-light situations such as the campfire present a number of challenges for getting the right exposure so that your friends and family aren't underexposed and the campfire, or light source, isn't overexposed.

In this Tech Tip, photographer and director, Corey Rich shows you how to balance those exposures to create a classic campfire photograph. Corey takes us through the entire creative process, from picking the right time of day, to layering your background, to choosing the right, fast lens. Corey shows you why you shouldn't be afraid to hold the camera in your hands, even while using a slow shutter speed. Knowing how to balance a light source with the ambient light, whether that means shooting a campfire or even an evening city skyline, will open up a new time of day for you to get the shot.

Text and video via Adorama