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Beauty photo shoot with Inflatable Kids Swimming Pool

9/07/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Our friend Manchul Kim (website) shares with us his last photo shoot:

I received a request to take some photos of the products to be included in the catalog. I thought hard since I wanted to proceed with another method and because the weather was hot, I thought about taking photos in the water.

I prepared a pool for small children. I covered the floor of the pool with black cloth and then supplied water into the pool and started taking pictures.

The result was very satisfying.

I think that this is an efficient way when we cannot use a bigger pool.


Camera – Canon 6D / 24-70mm
Light – Cheap strobe X 2 EA
light modifiers – Aurora Firefly Duo 75, Aurora Firefly II 50X50, and pink colour Gel.

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