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Wedding Day Photo Shot List by Jasmine Star

10/27/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Jasmine Star explains her  "Wedding Day Photo Shot List":

This Wedding Day Shot List is in no way a complete guide to shooting a wedding. At all. What we do as artists cannot be summed up in a series of boxes to check…I know this. However, when I started shooting weddings, I felt like I was always missing something. I'd leave a wedding and agonize over the things I overlooked. So I made a list for myself. This list was merely meant to serve as a foundation…every wedding is entirely unique, but if I documented the basics with confidence, it freed me to be creative and push my artistic comfortability. That's what this list is comprised of: the basics.

The Wedding Day Shot List includes a link to a full wedding gallery, walking the reader through what a typical wedding looks like for Jasmine, photographed from start to finish.

 To download this 48-page PDF, feel free to visit:

Text and video via Jasmine Star


DPC said...

Slight typo. Jasmine is a female, so you need to replace "his" with "her" in the first sentence. ;-)