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Nikon D750: Video Features Review

11/30/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Curtis Judd has been shooting still photos and video with the Nikon D750 for a little over a month and is quite happy with this new camera.

The reason  bought rather than a mirrors camera like the Sony A7s is that as a wedding, portrait, and even photographer, I needed to replace my Nikon D600 which had a beautiful sensor, but struggled to autofocus for still photographs in low light (and what wedding doesn’t have at least a little bit of that?) and the video quality was really pretty poor for a full-frame camera. So now the Nikon D750 is my primary still photos camera and my B video camera. Check out this episode for the details!
Why didn’t I go with the Sony A7s or promote my Panasonic GH4 to be my wedding photography camera? The Sony’s lens lineup is still pretty immature and from other reviews, it sounds like the autofocus for still photos is about on par with the Nikon D600 which wasn’t awesome in low light. On the Panasonic side, that little m4/3 sensor just wasn’t good in low light. And for both, the flash systems are not nearly as mature as Nikons, from what I can tell. And I use flash a lot for my wedding photography—it’s pretty key to my style of shooting.
I’m not trying to convince everyone else that this is the right camera for them, but just wanted to explain why it works for my photography and as a decent full-frame B video camera.
Come on over to to learn more about sound and lighting for video.

Text and video via Curtis Judd