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Before You Wake Up: A short film dedicated to landscape photographers

12/26/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Janez Tolar is a landscape photographer. In the early hours when you probably sleep and dream, he discovers the world around us. His passion is nature and it's landscapes. With his camera he capture it's magic.

Ho, ho, ho, I got a present for you. Let me introduce Janez Tolar. He is a landscape photographer. His passion and creativity are insane!
Me and An┼że Osterman did a video about him. Check out how Janez explores our stunning world.- explains Nejc-

Geo France magazine - Published
International contest Southampton - Medal for the beautiful landscape on the contest
International contest RTANJ Serbia - PSA gold medal
International contest Mask - 2X FIAP bronze medal.
National Geographic contest - Editor choices

Cinematographer/Editor: Nejc Miljak /
Cover Photo: Anze Osterman /