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The most epic video filmed with a drone in Iceland with Elia Locardi

12/07/2014 Matt 0 Comments

The Fstoppers Team ( Patrick and Lee) have been with Elia Locardi in Iceland to film this epic video. Sure everybody want to travel to Iceland now. Now you can (More info here)

Elia Locardi filming for the new Fstoppers ( via Google+)
They explains on YouTube the technical aspects of the film:
We shot at 2.7k at 30fps and then slowed to 24fps in post.

Slowing the footage down 20% gives it a slightly dreamy look and shooting at 2.7k and then downsampling to 1080p gives you super sharp video that you can zoom into if needed. I can hardly believe that none of this footage was graded, enhanced, or stabilized in any way. The GoPro was left on "auto everything" for every shot and it did an absolutely stunning job. We've actually found that the footage out of this GoPro looks significantly better than the footage from our Nikon D810 cameras. 
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