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The Story of LapseLondon and the Triggertrap

12/20/2014 Matt 0 Comments

LapseLondon: The biggest ever single day crowdsourced timelapse. A day in the life of London seen through the eyes of 40 photographers.

See the LapseLondon timelapse film

On the 6th of December 2014, Triggertrap brought together more than 40 photographers for an exciting, one-off photography event. LapseLondon invited photographers to create an incredible crowdsourced timelapse video of London in just one day. The diversity, atmosphere, pace and buzz of the city make London the perfect canvas for any timelapse, and its unique flavour is captured over 80 clips in the LapseLondon film.

The 80 timelapse clips included in LapseLondon are composed of over 35,000 photographs shot over 40 hours, all within the same day.

Thank you to all the photographers who participated in LapseLondon. Special thanks to Nicholas Goodden and Chad Gordon Higgins.

Edited by Jose Passarelli and Will Walsh | Music by Will Price.


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