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FOTOMISH: Pure street photography with Photographer Travis Jensen

1/31/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Brian Chu, director/editor at THE WEREHAUS met street photographer Travis Jensen (website) through Jan Swayze who is a close friend of Brian and also WEREHAUS. They were having lunch one afternoon and mentioned he was doing the designs for their new brand called FOTOMISH. Brian was following Travis on Instagram (images) already so was familiar with his style of photography.
Una foto publicada por Travis Jensen (@travisjensen) el
FOTO/MISH -- F/M for short -- is an acronym for “Focused on Truthful Outcomes,” with Mish being short for Mission i.e. I’m on a mission for the truth, roaming the streets with my camera. That sums up my approach to the craft best -explain Travis

A few months later when Brian was driving across the bay bridge, he thought of Travis and how he would be a good subject for WEREHAUS video. To them, photography’s about being outside and experiencing the city. It’s a way for them to interact with people, and possibly get into interesting situations.

Text, images and video via WEREHAUS and

More photos and info on their blog ::