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Underwater photographer Aaron Gekoski Took A Selfie in the shark capital of the world

1/31/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Underwater photographer Aaron Gekoski (website) is supposed to photographing one of the largest migrations in the world's oceans but the conditions have stymied him. Just when it looks like the entire trip has been a giant waste of time and money, Aaron and his friend Chris Scarffe hit on another idea. Given that they're in the shark capital of the world, the two formulate a plan to grab a selfie with one of the sea's apex predators.

Aaron Gekoski: Behind the scenes
Easier said than done. Check out Aaron and Chris' incredible composure as they jump in to a school of sharksand go about trying to get the one shot that will capture their experience perfectly. It's not all fun and games though. Although swimming with shark sounds dangerous, Aaron insists that he is actually in very little danger. In fact, many sharks find themselves and their ecosystems threatened and he hopes that this one small gesture can help to raise awareness that they are not always the monsters the are made out to be.

Aaron Gekoski´s Selfie 
It goes without saying: these guys are trained professionals, don't try this at your local beach.

Director: Chris Scarffe
Producer: Chris Scarffe/Aaron Gekoski

Text, images and video via EpicTV