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How to Be a Better Photographer and the Importance of "Gesture" in Photography by Jay Maisel

1/14/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Click image to watch the video on PDNOnline
Legendary photographer Jay Maisel offers advice on how to take better photographs, including tips on how to be a more successful street photographer. Maisel recently published Light, Gesture & Color (New Riders press), a book "for people that are tired of bullshit books that tell them exactly what to do, and so they get rote results," he told PDN.

Jay Maisel on the Importance of "Gesture" in Photography

Click image to watch the video on PDNOnline
Photographer Jay Maisel, author of Light, Gesture & Color, defines "gesture" as those qualities that distinguish a particular subject from the archetypal--and by extension, good photographs from boring ones. In this video, he explains how to see gesture, and use it to make better, more distinctive photographs.

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