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Save a Frozen Camera: What happens when you leave your camera outdoors all night long

1/27/2015 Matt 2 Comments

In this video, SLR Lounge Team are going to be providing a sort of emergency guide to, well, de-frosting frozen cameras!

Frozen Camera

It is important to remember that your cameras, even the professional ones, are not meant to be subjected to this kind of abuse, and such a situation is easy to avoid if you can remember to cover up your camera as much as possible when in humid environments that get blow freezing. 

Frozen Camera

They are not encouraging you to go out and try this, we're merely demonstrating what to do if you get caught off guard.

Step 1: Take your battery out!

Step 2: Avoid rapid warming (sun, campfire, car/indoors, etc.) of your gear.

Step 3: Brush off all ice / frost with mittens and/or a cleaning brush as thoroughly as possible.

Step 4: Wipe down any surfaces that get damp as frost melts.

Step 5: Especially if your camera has no weather sealing, consider waiting as many hours as possible, with your camera in a very dry, warm place, before re-inserting your battery and turning the camera back on.

To read the full article with additional tips on cold weather photography, click this link:

Text, images and video via SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials

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