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M-Disc: The 1,000 years storage solution that supports liquid nitrogen or the Lasagna Test

1/08/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Even though the polycarbonate layer of the M-DISC is similar to that of other discs, the inorganic data layer provides for a stronger and more endurable bond. Once written, our photos, videos and data will last up to 1,000 years.

This demonstration works because the organic dyes in the center of the DVD+R or DVD-R have very little mechanical strength. Therefore, the interior of the disc cannot be substantially bonded together. This is one of the major reasons why delamination of a disc is a serious issue for failure and Data Loss.

The M-DISC, however, has a robust, mechanically strong, inorganic material at the center of the disc that provides a very good foundation for bonding the disc together. There is no mechanically weak layer in the M-DISC, therefore the bonding is very strong, and the disc can withstand extreme abuse.

The weak layers of all dye based DVDs also make them susceptible to failure and delamination due to temperature and humidity.

And now the M-DISC™ comes in a 25GB Blu-ray!

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