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Behind the scenes flying over the volcano craters of Stromboli with a 3D drone

2/28/2015 Matt 0 Comments

If you live in Stromboli  and you have a close encounter with a drone,  It could belong to a group who's shooting a docufiction on the island: Stromboli 3D, a crowd funding project. They have been filming around since last year, with a small HandSteady and have flight over the volcano with the 3D drone.

"We are the future!", said Victor Ortega, from the crew. 

Watch Stromboli 3D teasers and making of, the potential of these equipments is really impressive! and they include.....a sudden outbreak of lava.


A very small stereo 3D-Rig for great and cost-effective 2K cinema results. With multiple Stereo Base, sync up to 100f/s

s3D RIG for GoPro Hero3+ and Hero 4K, angle middle, RAW 50-100F/s: fully adjustable in all axes for perfect parallel 3D. The same RIG with 3 positions for different Stereo Base from 35 to 95mm.

– FCPX Edit & and s3D Dashwood real time play sxs
– GoPro s3D geometric correction Mocha Pro
– Remove and Invert Technique Mocha Pro
– s3D Color grading & Convergence DaVinci Resolve
– s3D Composite & more Nuke
– Cinema 2K DCP 24 or 25 f/s

The results:

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