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Jay Maisel's New York City studio at 190 Bowery: Visit the iconic NYC building he just sold for 55 million

2/08/2015 Matt 1 Comments

Jay Maisel bought this bank building for $102,000 in 1966, now he sold it for $54,898,000. Thanks to Digital Destinations you have the opportunity to take a last look inside maybe the best photographic studio in the world.

The building is in terrible shape. There’s no heat, Jay lives in just a small area of the building, another winter is coming, and it was time,” said Mr. Rosen in the New York Times (link), who spent six months cajoling Mr. Maisel into selling the home. “When you own a property for that long, and you are not a real estate professional, it takes a lot of convincing.”

Video, text and images via Digital Destinations



Anonymous said...

How could you not love Jay. A superb man, great artist and a one-of-a-kind. I have his picture on the wall of my studio and I look at it everyday for inspiration.

lorin duckman